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I was born to an excellent set of parents in Mesa Arizona Hospital, 1989. There, now you know my dirtiest secret.

Once our dog found a possum in our garage. The vermin was stiff and glassy-eyed and his tongue was hanging out. For a few minutes I hung around, blissfully forgetting all my possum 101 facts and took a closer look. Let’s close the curtains early on this story and say briefly that I was mildly surprised by his abrupt resurrection.

I wrote a trilogy (which you can be thankful was never published) and other stories through high-school, college, early marriage, and now one of the constant messes in our home are the books the children bring to the couch so we can journey through together. We’re still working on putting them away as fast as we bring them out. I know, I don’t want to stop for such fiddle-faddle either!

Sleep is a little more precious to me these days, so my writing doesn’t stretch as long into the night as it used to. But story-creation still excites me to no end and hopefully I’ll have something to show you by 2018 (don’t judge! 70,000 words is no joke!).

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